funny joke lists


You Know You're a Cat Lover When...

1. You get a present wrapped with a bow and ribbon and you think, "The cats are going to love playing with these later!"

2. You type using no capital letters because theres a cat on your arm preventing you from using the shift key.

3. You hear the birds outside the bedroom window and put the cat there to watch.

4. You save a little milk at the end of your cereal.

5. You spend more time shopping at the pet store than you do at the clothes store.

6. You get annoyed when your spouse hogs the bed but are willing to contort yourself into Cirque du Soleil-worthy positions to avoid disturbing the cat.

7. Every magnet on the fridge is a cat, pawprint, or spay/neuter motif.

8. You stumble out of bed at 6.30am to feed the cats but berate anyone who phones you two hours later for disturbing you at an ungodly hour.

9. You usually choose plastic grocery bags at the store, but every so often you choose paper so the cat will have something to play with.

10. Your cat has health insurance and you do not.

11. Your cat requires medication two times a day, and so do you. The cat gets her medication like clockwork exactly 12 hours apart like the vet said, but you can't remember the last time you took your own medication.

12. You tell your husband if there is ever a fire and you are not home, he must look for the cats before getting out safely.

13. Everything you own is covered in cat hair...and you don't mind.