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Star Trek

Top 10 Misconceptions About The Starship Voyager and Her Crew

10. Misconception: the Doctor is a hologram.
    Fact: He is the only real crew member-- everyone else is a hologram.

 9. Misconception: Torres is the head of engineering.
    Fact: Seven of Nine is the head of engineering.

 8. Misconception: Seven of Nine is a recovering Borg.
    Fact: She's just disguising herself as a recovering Borg, but in fact plans to assimilate Earth when they get home.

 7. Misconception: Chakotay has mastered lucid dreaming.
    Fact: He's dreaming right now and doesn't even know it.

 6. Misconception: Kim has the hots for Seven of Nine.
    Fact: Janeway has ordered Kim to get close to Seven and uncover her next plot to lead Voyager to the Borg.

 5. Misconception: Neelix is an authority on the Delta Quadrant.
    Fact: He's been hiding his "Delta Quadrant for Dummies" book.

 4. Misconception: Tuvok never laughs.
    Fact: He's laughing on the inside.

 3. Misconception: Starfleet is now aware of what happened to Voyager and is doing everything they can to bring her home.
    Fact: Starfleet is now aware of what happened to Voyager and wants her to stay in the Delta Quadrant and explore until she runs out of gas.

 2. Misconception: Tom Paris was happy to become the Doctor's new assistant.
   Fact: Engineering is closer to sickbay than the bridge.

 1. Misconception: From its present position, it will take Voyager approximately 58 years to get home.
    Fact: Not even the most avid Trekkie would watch Star Trek: Voyager for that many seasons.