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Top 10 Things That Sound Sexual in Pooh's "Anytime Stories" Collection

10. They tickled his tummy until he wriggled and giggled.

9. He shook himself off all over Pooh and Piglet.

8. "You're trampling my carrots, you're squishing my squash!", cried Rabbit.

7. The flash light is slipping.

6. Roo hopped off to see Rabbit, who was watering his garden.

5. Tigger bounced right onto the raft, sending it teetering and tottering, shuddering and shaking, and making everyone wet.

4. Pooh pleaded, hoping he'd get to lick a spoon or two.

3. It's t-t-too deep.

2. I do wish they would just get it over with.

1. Pooh waited until Rabbit was bending over the oven.