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Top 10 Rejected New Fall TV Shows

10. Trading Infections - People with various diseases rub open wounds on each other. Whoever survives, wins.

9. Red Green's Anatomy - Red Green gets naked and explores his anatomy.

8. America's Next Top Kiss Ass - The best brown-nosers vie for a mediocre job.

7. Law and Order: Special Ed Unit - Mentally challenged adults try to solve crimes, but instead get frustrated and bang their heads on tables.

6. L3tt3rs - An English professor uses his knowledge of grammar and Shakespeare to solve crimes in Omaha.

5. Extreme Makeover: Whore Edition - NYC prostitutes get makeovers then star on the next season of The Bachelor.

4. Lost: Sahara - Ten survivors of a Saharan plane crash slowly die of hunger and dehydration.

3. CSI: Akron - Crime scene investigators solve their toughest cases yet in this glitzy and glamorous city.

2. Deal, No Deal, or Sex with the Woman Holding the Briefcase - What will these men do? Will they take the money and run, or will they take their chances with the hotties holding the case.

1. America's Fattest Losers - Stand up comedians poke fun at fatties until they cry. The comedian who gets them to cry first wins.